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Spoonful of Sugar


Image of Spoonful of Sugar

16pp A5 comic about care work, all real-life incidents in the experience of one rehabilitative support care worker helping elderly people living on their own after leaving hospital in the UK.

From preparation for work on the evening before her shift, to getting home many hours late after saving a client's life, we follow a carer through some ordinary and extraordinary events. Long miles on the roads... difficult relatives... hours of paperwork... Sometimes she needs to make serious judgments about health problems on the the spot. Sometimes she can make a home-cooked meal for a client.

This comic was originally created in March 2018 for All is Not Well, a University of Cardiff project exploring the experiences of both those who give care and those who need it. This is a world many of us remain unaware of, but which is vitally important for some of the most vulnerable in society.

12 pages A5 full colour